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COATS FOR KID'S RIDE it's Almost That Time Of Year Again.

Held by Iron Kinsmen on 26 November 2017 12:00 PM

Ok IK Denton members come out an have some fun, if you haven't ridden with us it time. Come on out and enjoy the brotherhood and ride. Departing Cycle Center of Denton, Texas @ 2:00 Meet @ Bam's Shop to ride out, see you there!

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Making Meals for the Homeless

Held by Iron Kinsmen on 2 December 2017 8:30 AM

Come out and join us as we get together to work to make an impact in our community. FYI: This event is the 1st Saturday of every month at Gordon Brsch. So far since we have been doing this (just over 2 years), we have made over 300,000 meals!

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18th Annual Wise County Toy Run

Held by Iron Kinsmen on 3 December 2017 11:00 PM

Save the date more info as we get additional information.


272 Cuba Rd, Bridgeport, TX

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Held by Iron Kinsmen on 10 December 2017 1:00 PM

Gents and Gals it's DIY day so come hungry and projects ready!

If you need to change your break pads, change you oil/s, top off fluids this is your place to get this done.  Something more let us know and bring the apporiate tools.

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Interested in finding out more about the Kinsmen?

Held by Iron Kinsmen on 13 December 2017 7:00 PM

Men, feel free to come join us the second Tuesday of every month as we share brief information about our organization, discuss upcoming events, and just hangout to have a good time. 

Happy hour ends at 7 PM, so if you plan to take advantag... Read More

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Iron Kinsmen M/M

OUR BACKGROUND Founded in 2009, Iron Kinsmen is a membership organization based on spirit, service and brotherhood. We have grown across Texas, and are actively seeking to grow our roster of quality members. WHO WE WE ARE NOT We are not a Motorcycle Club (MC), a Riders Club (RC), or a casual group of enthusiasts; we ride. We're not a 1% club. We are not a support club. We are not a criminal enterprise, though a few like to go faster than the rest on the highway. 😉 We do not have a club-first, every else last mentality. WHO WE ARE We are an independent, non-territorial and neutral group of everyday men who banded together on grounds of mutual respect, genuine brotherhood, a shared love of motorcycles and riding, common pride in the biker lifestyle, a desire to give back in our communities, and shared faith. We welcome everyone looking for the same. Our brotherhood is committed to real friendships, genuine support, and honest accountability. This is a group of real riders who are all a little rough around the edges, but all good at heart. We have planned rides, impromptu rides whenever the mood strikes, monthly meetings for members and anyone wanting to learn more, and host or participate in special social events. We are passionate riders and while riding is part of who we are, we understand and support priorities to faith, family, career, and club. THE MINISTRY "Always preach the Gospel. If necessary, use words.” ~ Francis of Assisi ... This sums up the ministry portion of the Iron Kinsmen. Though nearly all of our members are men of faith, we do not actively participate in proselytizing or "Bible thumping" that you might find in other MMs. We love the Lord, and it shows in our lives. We participate in philanthropic events, rides and charities often as we're led to do. Should the opportunity arise and the timing is right, we share the Good News with anyone who is interested in hearing it. REQUIREMENTS We’re open to riders of any background riding motorcycles of any kind. All we require is a good attitude (on and off the highway), a love of motorcycles, and for the safety of yourself and the pack, a bike big enough and healthy enough to stay up with us on rides. For members, there are small monthly dues to cover basic operating expenses, and easily-attainable chapter meeting, group ride and event attendance requirements. But, for those members who have gone through the hang-around and prospecting periods to become a patched member, time with the club is already a common part of their lives. COME JOIN US! Come hang around, meet fellow bikers, make new friends, and learn more about who the Iron Kinsmen really are. You don't have to be sponsored or know any of us to attend our meetings or one of our events. Just come out, and introduce yourself. If it feels like a good mutual fit, we can share more about the prospect and membership process. We look forward to meeting you!
Iron Kinsmen M/M
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Iron Kinsmen M/M4 months ago
Great ride for breakfast in Greenville today.
Iron Kinsmen M/M
Iron Kinsmen M/M4 months ago
Happy BROTHER day.
Iron Kinsmen M/M
Iron Kinsmen M/M is with Kim Anthony and 11 others at Stan's Lakeview Draft House.4 months ago
Iron Kinsmen M/M
Iron Kinsmen M/M is with John Nassief and 4 others.4 months ago
Club brothers with three new Prospects. We welcome them as we all intertwine our lives, families and beliefs on their final leg of their journey to become Iron Kinsmen. Brothers, feel free to tag yourself in this photo, if you so desire.

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