Gents and Gals it’s DIY day so come hungry and projects ready!

If you need to change your break pads, change you oil/s, top off fluids this is your place to get this done.  Something more let us know and bring the apporiate tools.

If you have any tools to donate to the club, let Bam Ban know. If you would like to donate a tool box, bleeders, hoses, empty gas cans, hoses or speciality tools please let Bam Bam know.

Need tool box donated do you have an old one?

Do you have: metric tools, oil pan’s, ratchet set, screw drivers, hammer (rubber), duck tape, zip ties (joker #ironkinsmen)? Anything welcome @Bam Bam is a great host let’s donate and reminder to clean up afterwards.

We can order Pizza or other delivery, bring water, shop towels if you can.

Donated thus far:

• Brake Bleeder

• Wheel chuck

•  Rags

Rumor has it a grill is in the works, and a Keuig being donated.